About Kenny


The son of a barber and a stay-at-home mom, Kenny Marchant learned early the values of hard work and personal responsibility. Growing up in Carrollton, Texas, Kenny earned his way by working a newspaper route, mowing lawns, and washing dishes in local restaurants. While pursuing his bachelor’s degree at Southern Nazarene University, Kenny worked to pay his tuition by roofing houses.


After graduation, Kenny started his own roofing business. Through hard work and his natural business instincts, Kenny expanded his business to include home construction and property development. However, after local builders approached Kenny about running for the Carrollton City Council to help bring accountability and leadership to the city, Kenny decided to run for public office. Kenny won election to the Carrollton City Council and was eventually elected Mayor of Carrollton.

After serving one term as mayor, Kenny was elected to the Texas House of Representatives. As a state representative, Kenny earned a reputation as a strong, principled conservative and consensus-builder. In the process, Kenny was named a “Top Ten Legislator” by Texas Monthly magazine and “Legislator of the Year” by the Texas Municipal League. Kenny served as Chairman of the House Republican Caucus under three Texas governors. And under the leadership of Caucus Leader Marchant, Texas Republicans were able to hold their first majority in the Texas House of Representatives since Reconstruction.


In 2004, Kenny decided to run for Congress to bring the principles of limited government, personal responsibility, and fiscal responsibility to Washington, DC. Since taking office in 2005, Kenny has established a reputation as an uncompromising fiscal conservative and taxpayer advocate for his consistent support of tax cuts and a reduction in the size and scope of government. Based on his strong commitment to economic freedom and his consistent record of cutting government spending, Kenny was one of only 52 members of Congress to be recognized by the Club for Growth as a “Defender of Economic Freedom.” And Kenny was one of only 59 members of Congress to receive the Citizens Against Government Waste “Hero of the Taxpayer” award for his strong stand against earmarks and other wasteful government spending.

Kenny is a lifelong member of the NRA and a Second Amendment advocate, and he has cosponsored numerous bills that strengthen and protect the individual right to bear arms protected by the Constitution. Kenny is a strong supporter of common sense immigration policies that strengthen border security and strictly enforce the laws of our country. Kenny also believes that private property rights are the foundation of a free society, and he has fought to protect private property rights and restrain the scope and power of the federal government. Kenny Marchant is a fiscal conservative who came to Washington, DC to work hard to balance the budget and reduce the national debt.

Kenny currently serves on the House Committee on Ways & Means Committee. The Ways and Means Committee is often said to be the most influential committee because of its broad jurisdiction which includes tax policy, Social Security, trade, and Medicare. 

Kenny is also an active member of the Republican Study Committee (RSC). The RSC is a group of House Republicans organized for the purpose of advancing a conservative social and economic agenda in the House of Representatives. The RSC is dedicated to a limited and Constitutional role for the federal government; a strong national defense; the protection of individual and property rights; and the preservation of traditional family values.

Kenny is currently a member of the Immigration Reform Caucus, the House Tea Party Caucus, the 10th Amendment Task Force, and the Congressional Pro-Life Caucus.

Kenny and his wife Donna reside in Coppell, Texas. They raised their four children (three sons and one daughter) in District 24 and are the proud grandparents of five grandchildren. Kenny is a graduate of R.L. Turner High School in Carrollton, Texas, and holds a bachelor’s degree and an honorary doctorate degree from Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, Oklahoma.